Divine Justice Book 4

Divine Justice Book 4





Peyton receives a message they have paid the debt. Those simple words have the ability to impact not only her life but the lives of her family.

Because of a promise she is forced to go to Patamoglian and face the people that tortured Willian. She and her sisters will witness a form of Justice they have never experienced before.

But is it justice or retribution and will Peyton forgive herself for what happens.

Once more Peyton’s life is placed in danger but this time her sister Darby is caught up in the threat. Poisoned they lay at deaths door until the Star Child heals them and charges Hawk to find the ones responsible.

Unfortunately Hawk has his own concerns he is slowly going insane. Because he has denied his heart’s desire his Rie has become unbalanced. Who will suffer for this tragic mistake?

Peyton is contacted by a very old star who asks her to come to the planet Draygann and rescue the unwanted ones. Peyton and her family once again rise to the challenge, only to be shocked by what they discover.

More shocking than what they find on Draygann is the information they receive that someone is trying to create Warriors again. On a dead planet laboratories are built ready for the arrival of a ship carrying not only Warriors in stasis but Hawk’s brother’s Reeve and Wolf.

All does not go well when the brothers are released from Stasis…