Prelude 0.5

Daughter of Ethos: Prelude Book 0.5

Author L.M. Lacee



Daughter of Ethos - Preloque 0.5 book cover

In Peyton’s story we find out what leads her to accept a deal with Divinity. Taking her to a future not only fantastic but dangerous, exciting and full of life and death responsibilities.

The virtually unstoppable Virus that devastated the world first appeared when Peyton St Clair was almost five years old. By the time she was twelve years old, the Virus had taken nearly

thirty-eight percent of the world’s population. This horror did not abate and by the time she was twenty-five years old the virus had hunted and killed billions of people.

Concealed from the inhabitants of Earth and with total fear of genocide riding the world’s new government they take unprecedented action. And call out to the infinite universe for help. Any help!

We are with Peyton when the virus takes those she loves form her. We see her fight to make the world a better place for everyone. We share a smile when she out smarts governments and A.I.’s. We shed a tear when she is betrayed and we rejoice when she relearns to trust herself again. We are with Peyton when she learns that she is capable of love.

Are those spaceships outside her window? Aloud she says. ‘Why does the sight of that make my heart race and my soul tremble?’